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The new Mega Trend of Resource Efficiency provides superior and sustainable Portfolio-Performance
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Welcome to markets in motion. In today’s fast paced world, information and communication, both are key to entrepreneurial success. Markets in motion is not only trying to filter out the information “noise” but also to take a clear side and/or position on current and future financial market developments. Markets in Motion or m-i-m also stands for mic and mac.

mic is focusing on the micro economy and the corporate world in terms of tactical asset allocations, hence issuing recommendations on securities (Stocks, Bonds, Convertibles, Commodities, Real Estate etc.).

mac stands for macroeconomic analysis, looking at economic indicators and using common sense to arrive at a current picture of the global economy. That picture is then tested against the opinions of world renowned investment professionals in the section we call: The Guru Corner. In addition, we look at the development of the economic cycle and non-consensus investment strategies.


The editors of Markets in motion have successfully forecasted the bursting of the Internet bubble in April 2000, anticipated the recession in 2002 and the subsequent recovery starting in 2003. Markets in motion also correctly predicted in 2007 the start of the subprime crisis and the beginning of a recession in late 2007 and 2008, as well as the recovery in May 2009 followed by another recession in 2011 (which is currently still being discussed). Markets in motion is an independent service rendering financial advice and information to international affluent investors.

The basic service is free to all friends, followers and interested financial market participants worldwide. You will typically find our market commentary (monthly) giving you a quick overview on the development of the global investment environments. You will also find interesting articles which are being posted on the Blogsite, as well as some short comments on current events, eventually shaping investment behaviour and future market expectations.